1. 1. Weight loss program

    While this coverage won’t be provided to every Medicare beneficiary, under certain circumstances, you can be eligible for funding. The following exceptions for coverage include the following:

    • Hypothyroidism
    • Diabetes
    • Cardiovascular
    • And many more!

Medicare will also provide coverage for a preoperative weight loss program if your physician requires you to lose weight before a surgical procedure.

  1. 2. Foreign travel coverage

    With Original Medicare, you will have some coverage for medical expenses while out of the country. Listed below are the three situations in which you will receive coverage.

    • If you’re in the United States, but the closest hospital to assist you with your medical emergency is a foreign hospital to treat you.
    • You happen to be traveling through Canada without any problem in a direct route to that is between Alaska and another state and you have a medical emergency. If the closest hospital is a Canadian one rather than an American hospital, Medicare will provide coverage based on your situation.
    • Your residence in the United States is closest to a foreign hospital rather than an American hospital to treat a health condition, rather it is an emergency or not.

Reminder: Medicare will only pay for medical services covered under your plan.

  1. 3. One annual wellness exam

    Known as the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is different from a regular physical examination, as it is done to create a prevention plan to improve the wellness of a Medicare beneficiary. The following information is gained during an AMV:

    • Medical history
    • Family history
    • A previous and current list of healthcare providers
    • Health risks
    • Specified vitals (BMI, blood pressure, height, weight, etc.)

With this information, Medicare patients can be provided with more personal and detailed experience with any physician they visit after their AWV, as their medical information will be accessible to healthcare providers in the network.

  1. 4. Medicare Part B In-office drug administration

Typically, Medicare Part B (medical insurance) will provide coverage for drugs that are not self-administered. These types of drugs are often given at a doctor’s office as a part of their visit. Limited coverage is provided for drugs that are administered via infusion or injection in a hospital outpatient department.

  1. 5. Counseling services

If you meet certain Medicare eligibility requirements, you can receive coverage for the following counseling services:

    • Cardiovascular behavioral therapy – one session per year (therapy to help lower risk of potential heart disease)
    • Tobacco and smoking counseling – limit of eight sessions in a 12-month period
    • Alcohol counseling – limit of 4 sessions per year

Depending on what therapy session you’re attending, your doctor will ask a few questions about your health and provide you with advice on how to stay healthy.

Medicare provides coverage for products and procedures that you may not have even considered before, and this list only discusses a few. Be sure to look up your Medicare coverage or contact your healthcare insurance consultant for more information.